It’s easy to forget how important your furnace is until it stops working in the dead of winter. This situation can be both extremely uncomfortable and dangerous.

Fortunately, in most cases you won’t be blindsided by a broken-down furnace because there are almost always signs your furnace needs repairs. If you watch for those signs and schedule furnace repair right away, you could avoid catastrophe.

Here are the five most common signs that your furnace may need repairs right away. If you notice any of them, call Dufrene’s Heating & Cooling as soon as possible.

The 5 signs your furnace needs repairs this winter

1. Discolored Pilot Light

Your furnace’s pilot light should be blue in color. If it’s any other color, including yellow, you may have a problem with ventilation that should be examined right away.

If you're not getting warm air out of the registers, that could be a sign your furnace needs repairs from a professional this winter.


2. Strange and persistent noises

When a furnace has serious problems, it usually creates strange noises. Depending on the underlying issue, the noises may sound like banging, rattling, groaning, or squealing. If your furnace suddenly begins making any of these sounds, call an HVAC technician immediately.
When you initially call to schedule your appointment, try to explain the noises to the technician as clearly as possible. This will help the technician determine the likely cause and how serious it is.

3. Tripped carbon monoxide detector

If you have a gas furnace, you should install a carbon monoxide detector inside it. The purpose of this tool is to alert you if there are any toxic gases in the air. If the detector ever goes off, you should turn the furnace off right away, turn off the gas to your home, and get your family out of the house.
Call emergency responders and your gas company. Following these steps is imperative for keeping yourself and your family safe. Once everything is cleared and safe, call an HVAC technician to inspect your furnace for any residual problems.

4. Issues with the furnace turning off and on too frequently

One of the most common signs your furnace needs repairs is if it has a strange operating cycle. If you notice your furnace starts to turn off and on too frequently, or never comes on at all, you have a problem that needs to be checked out.
A properly working furnace should come on at regular intervals and stay on long enough to maintain the correct temperature. If it doesn’t, you should have an HVAC technician come out and see what the issue is.

5. Persistently cold temperatures in your house

A furnace’s main purpose is to keep your home warm. If it can’t do this effectively, you may be able to troubleshoot the problem. Try changing the filter and cleaning out all the air vents and registers in your home. If this doesn’t help, call a technician to diagnose the problem.

Keep your furnace running right with a seasonal tune-up

Regular furnace tune-ups can potentially save you money and headaches. When issues are caught early on, they can be repaired before they come major, expensive problems.

To schedule a tune-up or repair today, call our team at Dufrene’s Heating & Cooling for 24/7 emergency service here in Lafayette and South Louisiana.