Today’s homeowners have more cooling and heating options than ever before. One of the new type of systems that has become increasingly popular in recent years are ductless HVAC units. As their name states, these systems don’t use ducts; instead, the indoor blower unit is wall-mounted near the ceiling of the room, so that it can provide you with cooling and heating right where you are.

These systems have a number of advantages over traditional HVAC systems, including energy efficiency, comfort, and seasonal versatility. In this article, we’ll review why people upgrade to these systems and outline several scenarios in which ductless systems are a particularly great fit for homes here in South Louisiana.

A ductless HVAC system can be a cost-effective alternative to new air duct installation.


What are the benefits of a ductless HVAC system?

Ductless systems have several upsides when compared to standard HVAC systems that utilize ductwork to move cooled and heated air, such as air conditioners and furnaces. Here are just a few of the factors that may make a ductless system a potentially great fit for your home here in South Louisiana:

No need for ducts

If your home doesn’t have existing ductwork, a ductless system is a great fit. Ducts can be expensive to install in homes that do not already have them. Some homes—especially historic properties here in South Louisiana—were just not designed with air ducts in mind, making them ungainly and awkward-fitting. Ducts also experience a host of energy efficiency issues, which we outline in one of the sections to come.

Year-round comfort

Ductless systems operate using heat pump technology, which means that they are capable of both cooling your home in the summer and heating it in the winter. Like heat pumps, they accomplish this by moving heat energy from one place to another: in the summer, that means moving it outside of the home. A ductless setup can potentially replace both an air conditioner and furnace in your home.


With a traditional air conditioner or heating system that uses ducts to transport cooled and heated air from the blower to the rooms of your home, a great deal of that air is actually lost on its way to you. This means your air conditioner, heat pump, or furnace needs to work that much harder to provide additional comfort to make up for that which was lost in the ducts.

Ductless units, as you might imagine, do not have this problem. Because they deliver cooled and heated air right where it is needed, there is far less waste, which means less energy is used for cooling or heating a room to the desired temperature. In total, this amounts to big energy savings for you and your home.

Which homeowners should consider a ductless system?

In reality, ductless systems are a good fit for a wide variety of homes here in South Louisiana. They can even be added to homes with pre-existing traditional air conditioners and furnaces; in such cases, the ductless indoor unit can provide supplemental comfort in one specific room. However, there are three popular uses for ductless systems that you should know about:

Mother-in-law suites

A “mother-in-law suite,” as they are commonly referred to as, are disconnected rooms on your property that are not linked to the main house. These make perfect guest homes, but keeping your guests cool and comfortable in them has been a challenge in the past, since it’s impossible to connect them to pre-existing ducts in the home. A ductless setup solves this issue, allowing you to keep your mother-in-law (or, really, any guest!) comfortable throughout the summer here in South Louisiana.

Home additions

If you’ve added rooms to your home recently, the addition of a ductless system can help keep those rooms comfortable without the need to run new ductwork out to the room, which may either be prohibitively expensive because of the renovation work required or may not be compatible with the tonnage of your current air conditioner.

Garages and sun rooms

Ductless systems can even be a good fit for garages and sunrooms. If you’re a serious hobbyist who loves to woodwork or tinker with cars, don’t abandon your project in the summer when the heat and humidity rises. Have our team install a ductless cooling unit, and you’ll be able to stay comfortable while you work.

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