Regions with mild winter months often benefit from using heat pumps because they save a considerable amount of money on heating. However, like all heating systems, heat pumps can breakdown, experience problems, or stop working efficiently. When this happens, you need to call us for heat pump repair this winter. In this article, we’ll review the 6 warning signs your system might need repairs.

If your heat pump is icing over, it's a sign you need heat pump repair from our 24/7 experts this winter.Pump Icing Over

While ice buildup does not always signal that there is an issue, you should be concerned if you notice a significant and thick icing over of the heat pump. In the winter months, your system should periodically shift into defrost mode, which should eliminate most of the ice buildup. However, if too much ice is on the system, then the unit will likely shut down. Shutting down may not be a symptom of a significant problem; although, it can suggest the defrost mechanism isn’t working as it should.

Unit is Noisy

Heat pumps are not typically overly noisy machines. Therefore, you should pay close attention when the unit begins to make unusual noises. Listen for buzzing, humming, screeching, squealing, grinding, or rattling. If you hear any of these noises, then you should turn the unit off and call for an inspection.

Blower Stopped Working

Have you noticed inconsistent blowing or that the unit isn’t blowing at all? There may be a problem with the plenum, limit switch, or the belt that connects the two elements. These parts are meant to help regulate the system and prevent overheating, but if the blower has stopped, then something likely needs replacing or adjusting.

Short Cycling

Short-cycling refers to the constant on and off of the heat pump without reaching the desired temperature setting. A faulty blower or a thermostat’s heat anticipator can cause this problem. The only way to find the underlying problem is to have an inspection of the system.

Rising Utility Bills

Another thing to pay attention to during the winter months is your utility bills. If you notice that your heating bills are rising, then ask yourself about the last time you had your heat pump inspected. These devices need routine maintenance and inspections to remain active and efficient.

Weak Airflow and Poor Air Quality

A common problem with heat pumps and systems is inadequate airflow or poor air quality indoors. Thankfully, the issue of airflow and air quality is often resolved by swapping out the air filter in the system. Filters should be checked and likely replaced every 30 days.

Are you experiencing any of the above issues, and are you wondering about the need for heat pump repair? If so, then contact the team here at Southern Air Heating & Cooling and schedule an inspection of your system.