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Ductless HVAC Installation In South Louisiana

If you need a new cooling or heating system for your home, consider making the switch to a ductless setup. Ductless heating & cooling is not only versatile, but can help you save on your monthly energy bills while providing your home with greater comfort.

At Southern Air, we offer ductless installation, repair, and maintenance services. For a free in-home estimate on a new ductless system, give us a call today.

Why ductless heating and cooling makes sense

Ductless heating and cooling setups have several upsides. Here’s just a few of them:

No need for ducts

Sure, this is implied by the name alone. But, consider the upsides of being able to put cooling or heating where you want, without the need for major renovations to add ductwork to an existing home or home addition.

Suddenly, you have more options. Want to put an air conditioner in your garage so you can stay cool while working on restoring that 1971 Mustang? Done! Want to enjoy the sunshine in your Arizona room without boiling alive? Easy, with a ductless system.

Energy savings

Every homeowner loves saving money. Here’s the good news: ductless HVAC systems are up to 30% more energy-efficient than traditional heating and cooling systems.

That’s actually a testament to how much energy is expended just getting heated or cooled air through air ducts to the living spaces of your home. By cutting out that middleman, ductless systems are able to cut down on the amount of energy they expend.

Zoned comfort

Ductless systems can control the comfort in one individual room compared to another. Have a drafty upstairs bedroom, but a hot kitchen? You can individually control the temperature in each so that you’re not only comfortable, but you’re not wasting energy trying to cool or heat the entire home.

How do ductless air conditioners work?

Multi-zone ductless systems work by having multiple indoor units attached to a single line that runs to a single outside unit. Much like a standard heat pump, this outside-inside dynamic works to pull heat into (in the winter) or out of (in the summer) your home.

This multi-zone setup allows homeowners to individually control the comfort in each room of their home, instead of the “one-temperature-fits-all” default of a traditional HVAC system.

The indoor unit consists of a blower that pushes cooled or heated air into the living space. In most cases, this system is wall-mounted, so that you’re not losing any floor space.

Is ductless heating efficient?

Most experts agree that the average American home loses about 25% of their energy to ductwork. Pushing cooled or heated air through ductwork—no matter how well-insulated—is going to result in poorer energy-efficiency than directly provided heating and cooling.

Plus, most ductless systems have multi-speed settings that allow them to run more efficiently than an older air conditioner or heat pump. Overall, you should expect to save about 30% on your heating and cooling costs compared to traditional HVAC setups.

What homes are right for ductless HVAC?

In theory, all homes can have a ductless HVAC setup! Even homes with existing ductwork, if they want to add ductless wall units, can make that upgrade for additional heating and cooling.

However, there are some homes where ductless setups are very popular:

  • Historic Homes: Many homes predating the proliferation of modern air conditioning systems do not have existing ductwork, but their historic status makes it either impossible or expensive to add ductwork. Ductless systems are a non-intrusive way to keep these homes comfortable.
  • Homes With Additions: Adding a trunk line to existing ductwork might not be feasible for your home addition, or might negatively impact the quality of your heating or cooling. For these reasons, a ductless setup might be a good fit for the addition alone.
  • Other Spaces Needing Cooling: From garages to Arizona rooms, Louisiana homeowners are getting inventive about where they add cooling to their home. The relief from heat and humidity is worth it.

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