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At Southern Air, we offer whole-home energy audits in South Louisiana. Conducted by professional, NATE-certified technicians, these audits help homeowners here in Lafayette, Jeanerette, and New Iberia identify areas of poor energy-efficiency in their homes.

Schedule your whole-house energy audit by contacting the team here at Southern Air.

Is my home inefficient?

Trying to determine if you should call us for a whole-house energy audit? Start by completing the Energy Star® Home Energy Yardstick survey!

This survey will require you to input the following:

  • ZIP Code
  • Square Footage
  • Number of household members
  • Fuel Type
  • Last 12 Months Of Utility Costs

Once completed, you’ll be able to see how efficient or inefficient your home is compared to your neighbors here in South Louisiana. This “yardstick” is a good way to determine if you need to take further actions to boost your energy-efficiency.

What are some signs of an inefficient home?

The road to a more energy-efficient home starts with diagnosing what the problems are, and determining how to go about fixing those issues. That’s where our whole-house energy audit come into the picture. We're your trusted energy audit company.

Here are just a few of the most-common signs that your home is operating inefficiently:

Rising Energy Bills

If you’ve been dealing with inflated energy bills over the past few months, it might be a sign that something is wrong with your HVAC systems, your ductwork, or that your home isn’t as efficient as it should be. It’s something to have us look into.

HVAC Problems

One common factor in households that constantly need cooling or heating repair: their systems run constantly. All that extra wear-and-tear throughout the season could be a signal that your home isn’t as energy-efficient as it could be.

Drafty Rooms

Sometimes, your energy problems are as simple as a window or door that is no longer sealed properly, allowing cold or hot air (depending on the season) into your home. This forces your air conditioner or furnace to work harder, when it shouldn’t have to.

What are the most-effective energy upgrades?

If you’re looking to really boost the energy savings in your home, one of the best steps you can take is to replace older air conditioners, heat pumps, or furnaces with new HVAC systems. Making that switch can really help your home save energy!


Save money by upgrading your cooling and heating systems

The exact upgrades needed can vary from home-to-home. However, there are a few changes that generally have the biggest impact on your home’s energy-efficiency:

  • Sealing air leaks in your ductwork
  • Adding attic insulation
  • Adding exterior wall insulation
  • Sealing your doors and windows
  • Installing a smart thermostat
  • Upgrading to new cooling and heating systems

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From our central location in Jeanerette, Southern Air provides service along the I-90 corridor, from Lafayette to Baldwin. For fast service throughout South Louisiana, give us a call!

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