Why you should consider an upgrade to a new thermostat this spring

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Most homeowners don’t give their thermostat much thought. After all, it’s just… there. Once in a blue moon, the batteries need to be replaced or you need an HVAC professional to recalibrate it, but it just works. However, with the rising popularity of smart thermostats (also known as programmable thermostats), our team has been getting more and more questions about switching to a new thermostat. If you want to save money this summer and boost your home’s comfort, we recommend an upgrade to a new thermostat this spring.

Upgrade to a new thermostat this spring.

If you want to save money and boost the comfort of your home, consider making the switch to a new thermostat. Upgrade to a new thermostat by calling your friends at Southern Air.

To have a professional from our team swap out your old thermostat for a new, smarter model, contact us online, or give us a call at (337) 365-4957 for service here in Jeanerette and the surrounding areas of South Louisiana.

Decrease your energy bills

You want your home to be comfortably cool when you return from work, but you do not want the AC running all day. With an advanced thermostat, you can set it with the exact times you will be away. That way it runs when you are home, resulting in substantial savings to your electric bills.

Get comfortable

Instead of manually altering the thermostat every time you want to adjust, you can program everything. That means having different temperatures throughout the night. When you wake up in the morning, your home is perfectly cozy.

You can also adjust the temperature around the home. That means larger rooms may need the AC running longer compared to smaller rooms. For two-story homes, the upper floor may need to be cooled down longer since heat rises. Your house can finally be the exact way you want it.

Adjust the thermostat from anywhere

The great thing about many modern thermostats installed by Southern Air of Louisiana is that they are Wi-Fi compatible. If you will be home early from work, then you can turn the AC on before you leave the office. That means your house will be nice and cool once you return.

This also means if you will be away for the weekend and forgot to adjust your thermostat, you can do it from your smartphone. It takes a lot of the hassle out of running an AC all the time, and it’s one of the main reasons homeowners upgrade to a new thermostat.

Call Southern Air and upgrade to a new thermostat before summer arrives

If you’re ready to make the switch to a smart thermostat in your home, call your friends and local HVAC experts here at Southern Air Heating & Cooling. We offer professional heating, cooling, and thermostat services here in Lafayette and the surrounding communities of South Louisiana.